AMI Model I Manual (1958)

AMI Model I Manual (1958)
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Product Information
  • AMI Model I Service Manual (1958)
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  • Credit & Selection System Nodel I-100, I-120(info in this manual applies to Model H Model I-200 & I-120)
  • General Description - Credit Unit, Pulse Generator, Pulse Converter, Junction Box
  • Mechanical Adjustment Data - Credit Unit, Pulse Generator, Pulse Converter, Relay Adjustment Data
  • Change Price of Play
  • Instructions for Providing Price of Play
  • Lubrication Chart
  • Phonograph Wiring Diagram
  • Credit & Selection System Model I-100, I-200-M

  • General Description
  • Manual Selectors
  • Electrical Cycle
  • Mechanical Adjustments
  • Credit Unit Circuit Changes
  • Changing Price of Play
  • Lubrication Chart
  • Phonograph Wiring Diagrams
  • Sound System Model 900
  • Requirements of a High Fidelity Sound System
  • Multi-Horn High Fidelity Sound System
  • Turntable
  • Pickup Cartridge
  • Replacing Styli
  • Amplifier
  • Use of Amplifier Controls
  • Use if Slave Amplifier
  • Phonograpg Speaker System
  • Phonograph Sound System Wiring Diagram
  • Remote Speakers
  • Remote Speakers Installations
  • Speaker Watt Vs Room Size
  • Constant Voltage Remote Speaker Connections
  • Impedance Matching for Remote Speaker Connections
  • Speaker Connection Chart
  • Examples of Impedance Calculations
  • Auxiliary Volume Control Devices
  • Remote Speaker Impedance Chart
  • Speaker Dividing Network Wiring Diagrams
  • Amplifier Schematic Diagram
  • Service Bulletins
  • Total Number Of Pages 140
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