Rowe Ami CD-100 Laserstar Manual

Rowe Ami CD-100 Laserstar Manual
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  • Rowe Ami CD-100 Laserstar Service & Parts Manual
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  • Section 1 - System Description.  Introduces you to the CD-100, its features and its major components, principles of operation, and step by step unpacking instructions.  After unpacking the CD-100, you should continue the installation process by following the title rack loading and programming instructions in section 2.
  • Section 2 - Programming.  Continues the installation process with disc and title rack loading instructions, programming references, and step by step programming and pricing instructions.  Whether you are familiar with previous Rowe phonographs or not, pay special attention to the pricing and programming. 
  • Section 3 - Routine Servicing.  Provides routine service instructions for collecting money, doing cash and play audits, resetting phonograph totals, and doing preventive maintenance.
  • Section 4 - OBA-2 Maintenance.  Contains all OBA-2 maintenance information, except for the OBA-2 replacement parts, which are in the Parts Catalog.
  • Section 5 - Troubleshooting.  Provides troubleshooting charts, error code and disc condition descriptions, troubleshooting procedures, block diagrams, schematics, cicuit board layouts, and component lists.  This section also contains the sequence of operation.
  • Section 6 - Mechanical Adjustments.  Details the mechanical checks and adjustment procedures for all of the CD-100's modules, except for the OBA-2 modules, which are described in section 4.
  • Section 7 - Miscellaneous.  Contains specifications, fuse and cicuit breaker locations, and a resistor colour code chart.
  • Section 8 - The Parts Catalog.  Lists and illustrates all replaceable modules in the CD-100.  The Accessory Equipment List is at the end of this section.

This manual is intended for owners, route operators and technicians.  This manual provides all field and shop related service and maintenance material. 

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